Student Admissions Software | AMP

AMP makes it easy for everyone.

Whether you’re a prospect, applicant, student, administrator or alumni, AMP makes the enrollment Process Simple.

The customizable student admissions system works with your school’s process and existing software.
And you don’t need any technical experience—AMP’s clean design and intuitive tools
make it a snap to use. But if you do have questions, our support team is here to help.

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AMP is Tailor Made to your liking

Tailor-made for your school

AMP IS customized to fit your admissions process. 
Not the other way around.

We configure AMP to support each of your program’s specific enrollment requirements.

And its seamless integration with other systems, such as centralized and common application services (CAS), commercial and proprietary student information systems (SIS), payment processing and other ERP systems, ensures AMP works well with the other software you’re already using.

Seemless integration with your current system

AMP is Secure.

24/7 secure online access

Manage prospects, applicants, documents and interview scheduling from wherever you are.

AMP makes it easy for faculty, applicants and administrators to complete their tasks around busy schedules and from any location.

Mobile-friendly design ensures you can review applications or browse analytics on the go.

AMP has easy to use and detailed statistics

Detailed statistics and reporting

Examine comprehensive prospect and applicant data with just a few clicks.

Everything you need
in one place

From applicant updates and status summaries to statistics and to-do lists, the admin dashboard shows you the big picture.

Create custom reports

Use drop-down menus to quickly filter data to create unique reports to view, export or print.

See applicant data at
a glance

View real-time application status, letters of recommendation, portfolios and more with advanced reporting tools.


Help & support

Have a question? Need help? No problem is too big. 
Talk to a team member who knows your school and your AMP configuration.

A Trusted Partner for Graduate, Professional,
Undergraduate and Secondary Schools

Custom built. Easy to use. Great support.

But don’t take it from us—listen to what our customers have to say.

“It has reduced costs in our operations, improved processing time, and has made the process easier for Admissions Committee members and interviewers.”

Pat Samuelson

Director of Admissions

Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

“Using the system, the admissions committee completed its initial review of applicant files approximately 3–4 months earlier than in our previous process.”

Katie Lewis

Assistant Director of Admissions

Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California