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Alumni Management Software

When your students transition to alumni, they can become your biggest supporters as donors, mentors and employers. They can also refer the next generation of high-potential prospects to your program. AMP’s Alumni Module is a social platform that helps you to nurture relationships with former students as they stay connected with each other—and your school. The alumni management software enables student information to flow freely from student to alumni to easily keep in touch and foster future donations.


Private Alumni Network

AMP’s Alumni Module is a user-friendly, web-based social hub that provides your graduates with access to a private network of colleagues. Using the familiar AMP interface, alumni communicate in groups, browse user profiles and keep in touch via comment walls and private messaging.

Track outcomes

The Alumni Module includes the robust analytics and reporting functionality found in AMP’s Prospecting, Application and Admission, Schedule Today and Onboarding modules. Administrators can easily track student outcomes by compiling the data shared on alumni user profiles, such as work history, contact information, city of residence, publications, commendations—and more!

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