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Application & Admission Software

Select the applicants that are the best fit for your institution with
the AMP Application and Admission Module. Chosen by graduate, professional, undergraduate and secondary schools, our solution streamlines complex, multi-step admissions processes. From application to decision, AMP lets you track, review and manage workflow with tools customized to your organization with our application management software.


Make the application process easy for prospects — and admissions staff — with AMP. 
Branded to your organization, our applicant-facing portal offers a mobile-friendly method
for communication, each step of the way.


Easy For applicants

Submitting an application and supplemental materials is simple with AMP. Applicants log in from any device to apply, check their status—in real time—and ask and answer questions.

All student-facing modules are personalized, integrated and intuitive. Easy-to-follow screens mean fewer hassles for prospects and less hand-holding for your team.

Easy for staff

Looking for ways to reduce your clerical and administrative workload? Let AMP’s applicant-facing portal accept the routine data and documents that bog down the traditional admissions process. Using our automated—but personalized—process, our clients have achieved efficiencies equal to one full-time equivalent (FTE).


The AMP administrator workflow is designed to support admissions officers in managing the application
and admission process, both for individual prospects and the entire candidate group.


AMP’s Application and Admission Module is a central gateway to capture and present all events, deadlines, documents and communications in a user-friendly interface.

End-to-end oversight

The module incorporates the full enrollment path: prospecting, CAS integration, secondary application, payment processing, screening, interview, committee review, admit/reject/wait list, accept/decline and onboarding requirements.


Assign read-only, limited or full access based on role, such as admissions and support staff, administrator, committee member, faculty or other stakeholder.


Need to transform data into business intelligence? Creating customized, ERP-friendly exports
and reports is quick and easy with AMP data analytics.


Applicant data at a glance

AMP’s Application and Admission Module offers a variety of tools, charts and graphs to filter your applicant pool and support candidate evaluation. Dropdown menus let you query information such as application complete date, Science Cumulative GPA and GRE/MCAT/GMAT score to compare and rank applicants.

Robust analytics

The analytical power is advanced, but the interface is designed for non-technical staff. AMP supports searches, canned and customized report-building and applicant scoring within your program’s specific rubric. Use these analytics to not only identify year-over-year trends—but to predict them.

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