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Do you interview hundreds—or thousands—of candidates? Choose the AMP Schedule Today module for faster, easier and more cost-effective interview scheduling. This self-service, web-based interview scheduling software is ideal for academic departments, residency programs and corporations that routinely interview a large number of students or job candidates.


Coordinating people, places and priorities is faster and easier than ever with Schedule Today. Administrators can match applicants and interviewers, select and reschedule interview slots and more.



Administrators control as much, or as little, of the scheduling process as needed—all in real time. Choose the interview dates. Decide the number of interview slots per day. Open or close slots. Assign candidates to specific staff members—and then watch the calendar fill as they schedule themselves.


Schedule Today includes robust, customized reporting for assessing the interviewee pool. View the mean and median for all, latest and highest MCAT scores. Compare GPA in aggregate and across programs. Determine the undergraduate institutions where applicants originate. At high-level and drill-down views, it’s the data you need—in real-time—to make the best decisions.


Some programs follow a traditional one-to-one interview approach. Others use a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) model. Schedule Today is a fully customizable, web-based solution designed to work with any methodology.

Pre-interview Review

AMP makes it easy to prepare in advance to maximize every minute with candidates. Once interviewers are assigned to an applicant, they simply log in to the system to review the candidate’s profile. This includes read-only access to documentation, such as applications, resumes, letters of recommendation and more.

Online interview report screen

Our tools keep the interview process moving efficiently. Interviewers use the Schedule Today module to document their evaluation of candidates using a simple, customizable web form. Their assessment of the applicant’s motivation, experience, strengths and other attributes is then automatically updated and forwarded to HR administrators and/or interview committee members.


The ease and convenience of the AMP application process are continued with Schedule Today. All screens and web forms are user-friendly, so applicants can complete tasks without staff assistance.


Self-scheduling efficiency

Schedule Today generates an automatic email to candidates, inviting each to review and self-select from available dates and times. All participants in the interview process—applicants, administrators and interviewers—are able to log on and schedule themselves in real time.

Applicant “read me” files

The interview date and time are just the beginning. Applicants use Schedule Today to review other essential information about their interview. This could include local lodging, campus directories, documents to bring or submit in advance and a description of the interview process.

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