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When you choose AMP, you get the innovative enrollment software solution used by graduate, professional, undergraduate and secondary schools around the country. You also get professional support to help you maximize your investment. From implementation through training and beyond, our customer service team is here for you.


Our customer service team works as an extension of our clients’ recruitment, admissions, IT and student services teams. We review your business processes to make sure the system—and your team—function as efficiently and effectively as possible. This collaboration ensures we customize AMP to meet your specific needs.

Understanding your business process

Before we begin, we work closely with your team to get a thorough understanding of your current—and ideal—business processes.

Customizing AMP to fit your needs

Each school has a unique approach to recruitment and admissions. We will help you customize the system to fit your current needs and work closely with you throughout our partnership to adjust modules to meet your evolving needs.

Sharing best practices

We have implemented AMP at schools across the country and learned something from each project. Our team is happy to share key learnings, best practices and recommendations with you to support your success.

Ensuring an on-time launch

We will work closely with your team throughout the implementation to ensure that key milestones are met. You will be well-prepared to use AMP in time for your recruiting and admissions season.

Communicating openly and regularly

A successful partnership is founded on good communication. Our team will speak regularly with the project sponsors, system administrators and the core implementation team members to ensure that everyone remains on the same page.

Integrating seamlessly

We will work with you to integrate your systems, making sure AMP data is synchronized seamlessly with student information, common application, testing, financial aid, alumni and advancement systems.  

Consulting and custom development

AMP’s design is modular, allowing you to expand at your own pace. If you need help, we can guide you in creating efficient workflow plans and planning a year-over-year implementation strategy. We’re also available to build new AMP functionality to address your unique needs.


AMP is easy to learn and easy to use. Our goal in training your team is to empower all staff and faculty users to leverage the full strength of each module. Our training includes in-person, web-based and self-study options.

Virtual training

Need to get up to speed quickly? Your dedicated AMP account manager will facilitate site-specific training via webinar for administrative or other staff members.

On-site training

We’re happy to come to you. You may also choose to send up to 10 administrators and support staff to our Pittsburgh headquarters for a half-day of instruction from an experienced AMP trainer.

Training consultation

Not sure what you need? Our team will work with you to develop the training program that works best for your schedule and budget.

New staff training and refreshers

Staff turnover in admissions, marketing, financial aid and other departments is a challenge for all schools. As you onboard new employees, the AMP team is available to introduce them to the system and reinforce training, as needed, for existing staff.


The AMP service plan offers the training and support you need for a smooth implementation and ongoing success. Our service and support plan includes dedicated analysts, priority support case routing, 48-hour or less response time to inquiries, phone support, unlimited usage of our user manuals and access to your own team of AMP software experts.

Dedicated AMP account manager

We assign every AMP client with a technical analyst account manager as your single point of contact. Our technical analyst team is staffed by professionals with a depth of experience working in the admissions management space. These account managers provide training and on-going support and communication—via email, web and phone—throughout the partnership.  

Online case management system

AMP allows you to send cases through a simple upload process. Each case is assigned to a member of our team who personally sees your case through to resolution with frequent status updates.

Knowledge base

Have a quick question that may have been asked before? Applicants, administrators and staff have access to helpful FAQs and an extensive knowledge base within the AMP application. The AMP interface also includes help/read me prompts and links to printable role-based user guides.

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